Taking Jesus to the streets.

Restored Paths is a non-profit mobile organization that provides hot meals and emergency supplies to the homeless population living on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Currently we serve 75 hot meals on average each Saturday.


We serve hardcore homeless, those not in shelters, but in tents, camps, abandoned buildings and under bridges.

Many suffer from a variety of impediments that separate them from mainstream society.

We penetrate their world in order to get them to penetrate ours.

Our reach is without boundaries. Where they are, we go.


It takes approximately 10-12 hours of cooking and preparation every week to prepare for our weekly run.

Our goal is to serve a nutritious, hot meal that you would want served at your own dinner table.

Offering words of encouragement, we serve the body and the soul because man cannot live by bread alone.

We feed them like family, because they ARE our family.


Our goal is to develop a relationship with them beyond a first-name basis.

We do this by seeing through the eyes of compassion, reaching out with hands of strength, hope and generosity.

We love them without judgement as we strive to understand and help them with their struggles.


As Cleveland continues to struggle with departing industry in a less-than-ideal economic climate- the issue of poverty, which leads to homelessness, has become a serious problem.

One third of the city’s population lives in poverty, many of whom are retired veterans.

Many Thanks

Special thanks to my pastor & mentor Daniel Ghramm of Gateway Cleveland | West Church for his continued support of this ministry and all those involved. Love ya Dan!

Taking Jesus to the Streets

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